Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guanajuato- Feb 7

We have finished our first week of school. It's been pretty good. Most of the teachers are fantastic and we seem to be learning a lot. Still a long, long way off Speaking spanish properly but we are getting better. Several of the students we have met are doing three months. then traveling and doing another three months etc.Today we are at a thermal bath spa place. Near San Miguel De Allende. Very weird, complete with man-made "grotto" where they pump the hot water in and it gets very hot and steamy. You are supposed to hang around and get relaxed and rejuvenated. We just thought it was weird.
After here we will head into San Miguel and have a look around.
We went to a party last night at a student's house. We were the oldest ones there except for Bill, an American who we have become friendly with. He's about our age. There were three Australians there, maybe three or four Mexicans and the rest were Americans. Everyone was very friendly and talkative- many good tales of travel and places of interest.
We also met a woman (not at the party) that had just recently done the Inca Trail. The tricky part is she and her husband took their four year old girl and six year old son!!! She said the boy walked a lot of and the girl some of but her husband carried a full pack PLUS the girl for a lot of it, including Dead Woman's Pass. A porter carried the boy up the pass. Gutsy eh?

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  1. Pat, I know you will be able to carry Chris!! Rob