Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There is not a lot of English spoken, and the signs outside this church show some of the wonderful "Spanglish" we have seen. It would be a lot more difficult travelling around Mexico with no Spanish.
There have been some wonderful signs, & I couldn't resist taking photos of some of them:

Here are a few photos we took of signs which we thought you might enjoy.
Two of the signs were at the door of the cathedral at Puebla. We guess that the intention is that you should take your hat off & respect their religion. We did so.

An E stands for Estacionamiento (Parking). So an E with a cross through it means "No Parking". A lot of driveways have this sign on the gate, and some go further & have this other sign as well.

A lot of the premises in Queretaro had the last sign in the window.

There have been lots of interesting signs, but I think people have been looking at me strangely when I take photos of them. So I hope you enjoy the ones I have taken.

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