Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hard Yakka

We stayed at a nice place near Chichen Itza but had to share the pool with the ducks. The place was run entirely by young men in matching yellow T shirts. As there were about four of them and most of the guests headed off early in the morning to visit the site and didn't return until late in the day, they were able to spend most of the day hanging about in hammocks or watching their favourite Tele Novelas (Mexican Soap Operas). We had to wake one up one day to get a margarita.
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  1. There seem to be an awful lot of margaritas being consumed on this trip!!! Is this the latest (or time tested) sure fire cure for swine flu?

  2. May be paranoia... but I sure hope you guys have evaded the swine flu going around Mexico and the like. Thinking of you now. Stay safe yeah? Thanks for the blog website and the photo updates. Email me anytime should you feel like it/ need to. Love Kim.